Storytelling, a powerful and strategic business tool

Did you know that our brain releases hormones while we are paying attention to a story?

Cortisol is released during the tense moments to keep us more focus; Oxytocin comes into place when we see something lovely, so we can feel empathy and affection; and, Dopamine are brought into action when we see a happy ending, making us feel optimistic and happy.

We, humans, have been using storytelling for more than 20.000 years (50.000 according to recent studies), when our ancestors shared stories around the fire place as a way to exchange information. Marketers discovered the power of storytelling long ago, and social media has greatly contributed to its use. Data and facts don’t inspire people, but storytelling does it, and moves them into action. With the right amount of cortisol and oxytocin in their blood stream, people give money away more easily (scary, isn’t it?)

Nowadays, storytelling is used not only with a business purpose like marketers do. In fact, many politicians and priests are pretty good at it. Leaders, coaches and many professional with a highly need to communicate and engage with others can get a great benefit from this powerful tool.
You can find more insights about Storytelling here:

INUSUAL Storytelling circle – Join us for free using this link.

Our aim is to learn together, share experiences, analyze our success stories, and learn from the ones that where no successful. Together, we can grow while we build new stories related to our products or services, and increase our knowledge about this ancient tool and how to apply it for innovative and non conventional purposes and ways.

Photo by Jason Wong on Unsplash

Font: The Irresistible Power of Storytelling as a Strategic Business Tool. (2014). Harvard Business Review. Retrieved 10 January 2018, from

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