Time pressure kills creativity

You might feel that you are very productive and come up with loads of ideas when you are working at a fast pace. But acording to Teresa Amabile, Harvard Business School professor, time pressure in the corporate world affects creativity:

“Managers who believe that frenetic activity is the hallmark of innovation may be making a serious mistake. Not only may it lead to burn-out and hampered progress in the long run, but it may also kill creativity in the short run.”

Other creativity killers you can find in corporations are political attitudes and criticism of new ideas. On the other hand, having a clear and aligned purpose as well as having some time working alone in a focus mode, might be favoring it.

So if you are trying establishing an innovation culture in your company, you might want to take her conclusions into consideration. You can find more insights about Teresa’s work here.

Photo by Loic Djim on Unsplash

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