Do you live in autopilot mode?

You wake up like a zombie with a unique goal: crossing another item in your ‘to-do list’, an endless catalog of ‘shoulds’ that you keep on feeding, adding extra obligations to your day. The more you add, the faster you go, but time doesn’t slow down for you, to fit in all the meaningless activities you want to cross in the list.

You said to yourself: maybe tomorrow. But tomorrow the alarm goes on and, even before you jump off the bed, your mobile hooks you into continuous alerts, news and events that you take with you to the shower; and they don’t go away with the running water. Obligations, ‘shoulds’, ‘musts’… that you haven’t really choose, or maybe you have, but you don’t even remember when, or why.

On your way to the office, you listen to the news. A new major event on the other side of the planet has influenced the stock market dropping the economy again, sinking your possibilities to release some pressure from your working days. Fast-work, fast-food, endless-drives, fast-drinks, meaningless-relationships, scarce-satisfaction, short-nights and endless-nightmares… More often than not, you feel there is nothing else than this roller-coaster of events, that have you trapped inside their machinery.

Sometimes you feel you would like to stop this crazy hamster wheel, but somehow you fear you might not be able to face the silence of having nothing, because nothing valuable is able to develop behind this craziness. So you keep on running and lying to yourself, maybe tomorrow.

Let me invite you to S T O P.


Autopilot mode could last forever, but could also drive you to a major breakdown or a meaningless existence. The choice is yours. If you decide to STOP and take the first step out of the hamster wheel, we will walk by your side and guide you to redefine your priorities and move towards a much more successful and fulfilling life.

What are you waiting for?


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