Carl Gustav Jung, the well known Swiss Psychiatrist, created a theory to classify human personalities, which has serve as foundation for many personality tests like MBTIDISC and many others, known as the 12 Jung Archetypes.

This theory is based on the idea that there is a single mind embracing everything; ideas and behavioural patterns are universal, they are present in every culture, gender, age or religion, because they belong to the human psyche. In Jung’s words: “In some way or other we are part of a single, all-embracing psyche, a single ‘greatest man’. “

Archetypes are like symbols, each of them represents certain ideas that we recognize without the need for further explanation. Archetypes are present everywhere as they are a consequence, an expression of our human psyche.

It does not matter if you are conscious of them or not, each archetype is connected to certain emotions and stimulates us to feel and react in a predictable manner. Marketers use them to induce us to buy their products. And we all use them in our interactions with others. Getting to know them and being aware of their main traits helps us to understand our reactions and expectations.

No doubt you will unconsciously use one or another at different points in your life, and in different contexts. Why not consciously change the archetype that suits you best for a particular situation or purpose? It might be a little bit more complex than dressing for a special occasion, but with a little practice, you will improve your archetyping skills!


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